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  • Community shop
    Features and Analysis

    Beating hearts


    Created by their people for their people, community-owned shops offer a distinctive and increasingly successful retail proposition capitalising on local engagement.

  • Ormskirk Co-op
    Features and Analysis

    Halloween gallery


    Retailers and their staff have gone to a whole new level to make sure their stores show off their spooky side this Halloween.

  • Winter warmers
    Features and Analysis

    Winter Warmers


    Retailers in tourist locations have an advantage when it comes to sales and footfall in the summer months, but what happens when the weather turns and the holiday-makers stay at home? C-Store explores how stores in seasonal areas make the best of the winter season and adapt to changing demands.

  • Planning
    Features and Analysis

    Plan ahead to succeed


    Retailers who take time out from the day-to-day running of their business to plan ahead are able to save money and grow sales.

  • Epos
    Features and Analysis

    Get smarter with statistics


    More and more retailers are investing in epos, but the majority are failing to use this smart technology to analyse data and save money.

  • Premium basket
    Features and Analysis

    Hey big spender


    As Tesco rolls out its latest bargain basement format, Jack’s, there are other retailers who are setting their sights on a more upmarket future.

  • Display
    Features and Analysis

    Look and learn


    Innovative new research has taken a shopper’s eye view to find the most effective displays a retailer can use to create sales in their store.

  • Budgens of Islington
    Features and Analysis

    C-store & partners


    With the food-to-go market booming, partnerships with the likes of Greggs and Subway seem like a sensible move. However, there are retailers electing to go their own way, working with smaller providers to give their store the edge.

  • Prestbury Village Store
    Features and Analysis

    Seating arrangements


    From repeat purchases to supplier sampling events, introducing a countertop and a few chairs can boost business in more ways than one

  • Generation V
    Features and Analysis

    Generation V


    With the multiples expanding their offer to appeal to those leading a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, the question is should convenience stores follow suit? C-Store explores how retailers can make the most of the meat-free category as it continues to grow in popularity.

  • rural store
    Features and Analysis

    Country pursuit


    Small rural stores haven’t had an easy ride as challenges come at them from all sides. However, many are finding the future looks bright thanks to a strategy of investing in a diverse range of services, offering products that create a point of difference, and engaging with their community.

  • phone
    Features and Analysis

    A smart way of marketing


    Social media marketing is a vital business tool, but many retailers still struggle to win over shoppers online. Here we highlight top web tricks.

  • apple
    Features and Analysis

    A 'nanny state' c-store


    As new figures reveal record highs in childhood obesity and the government questions whether to roll out more red tape around unhealthy products, retailers are questioning whether they are doing enough to promote healthy eating to children.

  • Discounters
    Features and Analysis

    Beyond price


    The discounters are becoming a force to be reckoned with, stretching the battleground beyond pounds and pence and changing the face of the UK grocery industry along the way. C-Store looks at their route to success and asks whether independent stores can fight back.

  • Crime
    Features and Analysis

    For your own protection


    Robbery is one of the most extreme experiences faced by retailers. C-Store explores how store owners can prepare for the worst.

  • POS
    Advice Guide

    The price is right


    All eyes are on Scotland as the first UK nation to have adopted Minimum Unit Pricing on alcohol. The jury was out ahead of its introduction in May. Now, several months on, the verdict from retailers is in: it’s been good for business.

  • Mobile
    Features and Analysis

    Remote control


    Thanks to an increasing number of new technologies, you no longer need to be in-store to run a successful business. Retailers talk about how they use remote retailing to their advantage.

  • Mondelez
    Features and Analysis

    Tutorial: Raising the bar in biscuits


    As part of C-Store’s Shop Project, Mondelez International visited five stores with a plan to build biscuit sales and create new opportunities.

  • Food hygiene
    Features and Analysis

    Sign up to high standards


    All stores will soon have to display their food hygiene ratings for all shoppers to see, so it’s crucial retailers run a five-star operation.

  • Plastic waste
    Features and Analysis

    Tipping point


    Shocking images of the damage our plastic use has had on the planet have put the issue firmly on the public and government’s radar. C-Store looks at what retailers are doing to reduce its use and why the war on plastic is far from straightforward.