Retailers affected by the PayPoint outage earlier this month have been given £50 by the payment services provider.

The outage took place on Saturday 14 November with many retailers unable to make utility transactions or process card payments.

In a letter from PayPoint CEO Nick Wiles to retailers that was shared with, Wiles apologised for the outage and informed them of the £50 payment to make up for the loss of services. He added that in a bid to prevent further outages, PayPoint has “engaged a third-party specialist firm to assist our own technical experts to ensure that we increase our resilience further so that this type of incident does not occur again”.

The payment provided received a mixed reaction with one retailer labelling it as “good news”, while others on social media said it wasn’t enough to cover the losses sustained during the outage.

During the outage, many retailers and customers took to social media to raise the issue.

One retailer also offered up advice on options to prevent being left vulnerable should another outage occur.