Pippa and David Heritage’s Barns Green Village Store in West Sussex is experiencing high demand for all categories, especially chocolate, newspapers and post office services. 

David and Pippa Heritage

Pippa says: “All the basics are selling really well – everything is selling. There’s not much panic buying going on now, but our local goods are in demand – we’ve got local suppliers for bread, bakery, eggs and dairy.

“We’re also doing lots of home deliveries. We’re doing about 10 a day on average, and to people who usually wouldn’t shop here but go to the supermarket instead. They’re buying lots of chocolate – I’m not sure whether that’s a new thing during the coronavirus lockdown, or whether they always bought that much.

“We’ve closed the deli and no longer do takeaway pizzas, and instead are using the area for chilled goods – we needed the space.

“Our post office is very busy too – I think people are stuck at home with more time and so are ordering on the internet, then sending goods back.

“Demand for newspapers is up too. We charge for delivery of papers, but our home deliveries are free in a five-mile radius.”

Star perfomers:

“Local goods, post office services and newspapers.”