Nisa retailer Paul Cheema, owner of Malcom’s Stores in Coventry, is keeping busy with demand for his gin range and fresh grocery products.

He says: “Fresh food groceries are selling really well for us at the minute - the category is delivering good improvements in year on year growth. Things aren’t too bad in our three stores in general, considering that November is generally a quiet time for retailers.

“The key thing for us is to bring new products into the stores to excite our customers. We’ve focused on providing shoppers with lots of gifting products and providing gifting solutions by pairing up different categories and running deals on the categories people are looking out for at Christmas.”

Star performers: “Our gin is still a stand out area for us. Lambrini spirits have also sold incredible well. We started stocking them early this year so hopefully things will pay off over the festive season.”

Successful NPD: “The Fentimans drinks have been selling so well for us. There isn’t one flavour that stands out - they’re all doing really well.”

Earlier this month, Fentimans, the maker of botanical beverages, unveiled a new advertising campaign to attract younger consumers.

The campaign featured on the London Underground, prime roadside outdoor sites and railway stations across London. The out of home campaign was also supported by digital, sampling and experiential activity.

The activity focused on the brand’s core soft drinks, mixers and tonics, including its ginger beer.