Magnum, which Unilever claims is the UK’s No.1 ice cream brand, is adding to its premium Doubles range with its most indulgent creation yet, the Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. Inspired by Millionaire’s Shortbread, the ice cream comes in single stick (rrp £2), 3 x 85ml multipack (rrp £3.69), and 440ml tub (rrp £4) formats. 

The new flavour comprises a salted caramel sauce filling within pecan and biscuit flavoured ice creams, coated in a golden caramel chocolate featuring biscuit inclusions. 

Made using sustainably sourced cocoa beans which are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, the tub format is packaged in recycled polypropylene plastic, while the multipack carton is made from recyclable materials.

Magnum is pouring £10m into supporting the launch with a campaign running from February to August. The new sticks and tubs are airing on TV for the first time on 22nd March.

In 2020, Unilever claims that the ice cream category had its fastest growth on record, with Magnum alone welcoming its most successful year in over half a decade, making its way into 40% of UK households.

Jennifer Dyne, ice cream brand experience director, Unilever UK&I: “We’re pleased to say that our summer launch is a season highlight that is much-anticipated by our customers, especially when they are looking to treat themselves with a moment of indulgence - and the new Magnum promises just that. With the new launch, we’re giving our customers the most amazing multi-sensorial experience, with a unique flavour that has been carefully crafted with multiple layers of decadence.

“As well as creating a delicious new way to enjoy Magnum, we’ve made sure we’re looking after the planet too. From our cartons, through to our tubs, we’ve created a launch which not only shows innovation in flavour, but recyclability too.”