TGI Fridays has launched its first ever line-up of ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages.

The cocktail range offers flavours from the restaurant’s cocktail menu in pre-mixed bottles in three flavours; Passionfruit Martini (10% abv); Pink Punk Mojito (10% abv); and Long Island Iced Tea (10% abv).

The ready-to-go cocktails are available in 500ml bottles, for an rrp of £6.

‎VP of global licensing, strategic sourcing and brand protection for TGI Fridays Chris Phylactou said: “For the first time, TGI Fridays has launched a range of signature ready-to-drink cocktails for the UK market.

“Since 1965, our skilled mixologists have delivered the most innovative cocktails with the tastiest ingredients in-restaurant, with a history of over 500 cocktails on-menu.

“Through this collaboration between TGI Fridays and Manchester Drinks’ expert teams we are thrilled to offer fans of our restaurants the opportunity to enjoy TGI Fridays cocktails in between restaurant visits, as they have been able to do in the US for many years.”

Richard Benjamin, of Manchester Drinks, added:  “We have identified a strong opportunity to attract shoppers to the Ready-to-Serve Fixture by offering the adventure and innovation of the TGI Fridays cocktail menu in stores.

‘‘We are delighted to launch our range of pre-mixed cocktails, which provide a simple way for consumers to enjoy the authentic taste of TGI Fridays’ cocktails at an affordable price.’’