TENA Lady has introduced TENA Lady Pants Night and TENA Lady Maxi Night, specifically designed for night-time use.

The wider shape of TENA Lady Maxi Night provides extra coverage, absorbency and security when lying down, while TENA Lady Pants Night is a combination of a pad and pant in one, designed to look and feel just like everyday underwear.

TENA Lady Pants Night are priced at £3.99 rrp and TENA Lady Maxi Night are £2.50 rrp.

Rachael Sumner, brand manager for TENA Lady said: “For the one in six women who have their sleep interrupted by bladder weakness, a discreet and effective night-time product is of the utmost importance. Frequent trips to the bathroom and worries about leaks at night can stop consumers from getting a quality night’s sleep, which is essential for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. This is exactly why TENA Lady has expanded its night-time offering, so that retailers can continue to respond to growing consumer needs in this area.”