Former British decathlete Daley Thompson CBE has teamed up with a British food and drink specialist Gary Barnshaw to develop a range of clean label protein bars and shakes.

The new DT10 Sports range is designed to appeal to the growing number of health conscious consumers buying protein-fuelled products as part of their weekly shop.

Each DT10 Sports bar contains 21g of protein. The product is sold in 60g packs and available in three flavours; Chocolate & Caramel, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate & Mint (rrp £2.49).

The DT10 Sports shakes contain 30g of protein per 330ml bottle and are sold in three flavours; Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla (rrp £2.79).

Commenting on the launch of the range, Thompson said: “When competing in the ‘80s, these types of products didn’t exist. However, these days, sports nutrition bars and shakes are hugely popular. And, looking at the ingredients, they contain high levels of sugar, palm fat, preservatives and non-essential additives. DT10 Sports has been developed with this in mind and contains only the finest ingredients, natural sugars and no preservatives.”

All DT10 products contain added vitamins and minerals, and are made without added sugar, palm oil or sucralose. The shakes also contain milk instead of water.

The DT10 Sports product portfolio is available for retailers to order in packs of eight and 12 from,