Hygiene company SCA has extended the Plenty range with the launch of Easy Clean Wipes.

The three-strong range aims to meet the needs of consumers searching for convenient and quick cleaning solutions to carry out their household tasks. The range comprises multi-purpose, anti-bacterial and bathroom variants and retails at £2.99 for a starter kit, including a dispenser and 30 wipes, and £1.99 for a refill pack of 30 wipes.

The firm claims that the wipes’ cloth-like structure is stronger in use than standard wipes, and the packaging carries eye-catching designs that SCA hopes consumers will want to keep on show for an attractive alternative to regular wipes. The PerfectSeal dispenser ensures that the wipes stay moist for longer while preventing wastage by offering shoppers the opportunity to purchase refills that are dispensed just one sheet at a time.

“Research has shown that 88% of consumers agreed that the cloth-like structure in each sheet improved product performance while another 81% of household towel shoppers said they would purchase Plenty Easy Clean Wipes,” said brand manager Holly Baron-Morgan. “With consumers now looking for products that cater to a variety of cleaning needs around the home, Plenty is committed to offering solutions that cater to just this. Extending our household portfolio with Plenty Easy Clean Wipes ensures that retailers can continue to respond to growing needs in this area.”

The launch is being supported with a £2m market investment including: TV, out of store branding, online, magazine and in store activity. The TV ad, featuring Plenty’s brand icon Juan Sheet, is on screen now and set to reach more than 57 million consumers.