RH Amar has extended its snacking portfolio with the addition of Wellaby’s gluten-free snacking range.

Wellaby’s gluten-free snacking range is designed to have strong nutritional values without compromising on taste.

The snacking range includes Lentil Chip Sea Salt Chips (140g) rrp £1.99, Lentil Chip Cracked Black Pepper Chips (140g) rrp £1.99, Pita Chip Italian Herb Chips (130g) rrp £1.99, Hummus Chip Kalamata Olive Chips (120g) rrp £1.99, Hummus Chip Roasted Red Pepper Chips (120g) rrp £1.99.

Strategic development director Sue Warren said: “Wellaby’s is well positioned to tap into the 28% of those with a food intolerance that want a better range of on-the-go snacks and treats, as well as the increasing number of shoppers who are seeking gluten-free alternatives as part of a broader healthy lifestyle.”