Cookware brand Prestige has launched a set of fry pans featuring a diamond shield, which it claims is more durable and easier to clean than conventional pans.

Prestige Diamond Shield Fry Pan Range

Made with diamond dust, the diamond shield fry pans feature a non-stick coating and are oven safe up to 180°/Gas Mark 4. They are also dishwasher safe and suitable for all hob types (excluding induction).

The pans are designed to last for a number of years without becoming warped or scratched. Available in a range of sizes: 20cm, 24cm and 28cm, as well as a 20cm and 24cm fry pan twin pack, the diamond shield range is available in stores now.

The products can be used to cook the following items: fried eggs, pancakes, mac & cheese, pan fried vegetables, fried chicken and fish as well as rice dishes and sauces.