Mentos Pure Fresh Gum campaign

Running until mid-September, the Yes To Fresh campaign is aimed at increasing penetration and awareness of Mentos Pure Fresh Gum among Gen Z consumers.

The campaign will feature across peak morning, breakfast and drive time on Global Capital and Capital Xtra, totalling a combined reach of 7.1m and social reach of 114.3m, with an estimated 300m impressions. Throughout June until late August, targeted ads via VOD, Youtube & TikTok will drive an estimated 13m further impressions.

Focussing on all five flavours of the gum, as well as its recyclable paperboard bottle, the campaign encourages people to find their adventurous side.

Harnessing the power of social media, the campaign will be further supported by a mix of macro and micro influencer activity across TikTok and Youtube, as well as radio idents, giveaways, and Global social events, with additional amplification on Mentos’ social channels. Grocery Aid’s Barcode Festival will also see sampling activity play a crucial role in getting the product into the hands of both existing fans and new shoppers.

Sarah du Plessis, brand manager at Mentos says: “Currently, Mentos Pure Fresh Gum is outperforming the chewing gum bottle growth by 47% [IRI], contributing to 19% of the total chewing gum bottle growth in the last 52 weeks [ibid]. Our latest investment will build on this success and ensure that Mentos Pure Fresh remains top of mind with those looking for a burst of long-lasting, freshness.”

“Through careful targeting, the campaign is expected to reach 78% of adults, and deliver an estimated 40.4m impressions, meaning Mentos Pure Fresh will be more visible than ever before – stock up to prepare for the summer of Mentos!”