Small batch yogurt maker Nomadic has announced its new Lovely Live Yogurt range is launching into the UK convenience channel.

The brand has paired its Lovely Live Yogurt with a layer of salted caramel; mango; and raspberry. Each of the three new products feature a spoon contained within the lid of each pot (rrp £1.30 or £2.20 for a large 450g format).

Alan Cunningham, managing director for Normadic, said: “We’ve been making amazing yogurt for 20 years, and we’re delighted to let it shine in this new way. We recognise that consumers need convenience, so it’s natural for us to include a spoon – it blows our minds that it seems a revelation to some of our competitors and not important to others! But that’s why we’re the small yet mighty brand we are and we’ll keep on doing the hard work to make great products that people want to buy.”