There’s a new Easter novelty bouncing onto the scene in the form of Nestlé’s Milkybar Bunny. The foil-wrapped treat is priced at 65p and is the only white chocolate seasonal impulse offering on the market. “A whopping 97% of early season Easter sales come from seasonal treats, making visibility in-store essential to sales success,” says trade communications manager Graham Walker.
The firm is also replacing last year’s Aero mint chocolate Lamb with the original milk chocolate version, which has a broader appeal for both kids and mums.
Another big trend for 2013 is adult eggs, which are growing in importance in the Impulse channel, and now account for 13% of total Easter confectionery sales up from 11% in 2010. Nestlé is meeting this demand with a new Rowntree’s Randoms chocolate egg, which is filled with jellies (rrp: £5.41), the Kit Kat Chunky giant egg (rrp: £7.49), and the Aero Selection giant egg (rrp £7.49).
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