Just Crisps New 2022 Branding 40g

British crisp brand, Just Crisps, is updating its brand look this year to mark ten years of growth.

It said growth came from on-line and TV shopping as the UK had more “big nights in” having shopped locally in farm shops and delis. The brand is steadfast in not supplying the big supermarkets.

Just Crisps is being updated to feature classic colourways, making it easier for retailers to build impactful displays and for customers to pick out their favourite flavours.

Every pack features a QR code that links to a video showing from plough to packet how Just Crisps are 100% British crisps.

The whole range is now gluten free, and the 150g sharing bags use 30% less plastic. 

The company is investing over £200,000 in its people and frying capacity to help meet future demand, in addition to launching new products including new vegetable crisps made with home grown parsnips, local carrots and beetroot.

Anthony Froggatt created the crisps on his family farm in Staffordshire. “The new branding sets us up for another ten years of growth to become the leading premium crisp brand for fine food independent retailers,” he said. “We are very proud to be the only hand cooked crisps made using British potatoes and cold-pressed rapeseed oil and the new branding tells our story brilliantly.”