greenalls paper bottle

Greenall’s, The Original London Dry Gin, has launched in a paper bottle format.

The new paper bottle format (70cl) is now available for UK customers across all channels to order. The Greener Greenall’s Paper Bottle marks a significant step in the brand’s journey to reduce its carbon emissions to net zero and is part of the brand’s new Greener Greenall’s campaign.

Made from 94% recycled paperboard with a food grade pouch to contain the gin, the paper bottle is five times lighter than a normal glass bottle, while its carbon footprint is six times lower, and its water footprint is four times lower. The result is a carbon footprint of 91.9kg/CO2e per bottle compared to 558.2kg/CO2e for a traditional glass bottle — a reduction of up to 84%.

As part of the Greener Greenall’s campaign, the brand is teaming up with climate action organisation, Ecologi, so that, for every Greener Greenall’s Paper Bottle purchased in the off-trade and for every 10 Greenall’s Gin & Tonics purchased in the on-trade, one tree will be planted for every Greener Greenall’s Paper Bottle. These trees will be planted in areas of the world that are in most need.

Russell Smith, global brand lead for Greenall’s, said: “With climate change a continued growing threat, we recognise that we need to do our best to reduce our environmental footprint. This new paper bottle and partnership with Ecologi marks a significant step in Greenall’s sustainability journey. We know there is much more we need to do, so we are creating a roadmap for the brand that will lead us to reduce our carbon emissions to net zero.”