Fruit Shoot Apple and Blackcurrant 200ml PET MP8

Fruit Shoot singles and multipacks across its core range have switched to 100% rPET (recycled plastic) clear bottles.

The update is another step on Britvic’s journey to reaching its ambition that all bottles produced and sold in Great Britain will be made from 100% rPET by the end of 2022. The product has undergone a recipe refresh to become preservative free and its packaging has been redesigned for the first time in three years. 

Sustainability is not only a growing concern, but is also now a factor in parents’ decision-making, claims Britvic. A 2020 Mumsnet Sustainability study revealed that 95% of parents hold brands responsible for addressing their sustainability concerns, with a further 71% claiming they’ve become more concerned about sustainability since becoming a parent. However, it isn’t just parents that are increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, states Britvic, but also their children – as 95% of kids say the environment needs protecting, according to a 2019 Hotwire survey of 1,000 children aged 7-9.

Ben Parker, at home commercial director at Britvic, said: “This time last year, our sub-brand Fruit Shoot Hydro made the shift to 100% rPET bottles and we’re proud to announce the next progression of our journey with all core bottles following suit. The kids’ drinks category is performing extremely well with double digit growth (22.3%). It is therefore an optimal time for us to bring Fruit Shoot to the forefront on shelves and in chillers, with updated bottles, packaging and a reformulated liquid. With the transition occurring across singles and multipacks, parents will have peace of mind, both in terms of sustainability and health, when picking up Fruit Shoot for their kids to drink at home.”

As part of wider consumer research, Britvic found the transition to a clear bottle had several impacts on parents’ perceptions – eight out of 10 parents said they would trust Fruit Shoot more and almost three quarters said it showed Fruit Shoot was more natural than they thought. 

The packaging update will include hand drawn elements added to each bottle, to bring it to life and add an element of fun. As a result, they will be eye-catching on shelves, driving appeal and purchase – particularly for those who are conscious about the contents of the products they purchase.

To drive awareness of the switch to 100% rPET bottles, Fruit Shoot will be visible across outdoor and digital platforms early next year, demonstrating the new clear bottles with the messaging, ‘New clear bottle, just as fruity!’.