Brighton Gin is introducing a new seaside-themed drink to its gin range.

BG Seaside Strength

Seaside Strength Navy Gin (57% abv) has four times more juniper and double the amount of fresh orange and lime peel than the standard Brighton Gin.

Brighton Gin founder, Kathy Caton, said: “Our new Seaside Strength Gin is big, bold and a real gin-lover’s gin. With the alcohol at 57% ABV it can hold so much flavour. We’ve used our classic original Brighton Gin botanicals but riffed with the recipe and the process to create a fantastic sipping gin that also makes a world-class gin and tonic.

“It’s Brighton Gin turned up to 11 and we’re delighted to see the reaction from our customers. It’s amazing simply over ice with a wheel of lime or opened up with a splash of tonic or soda. It’s a bracing walk beside the beach or a glass of cheer at the end of the Pier.”

Seaside Strength Navy Gin is available in 70cl with an rrp of £47. The drink will also come in 35cl bottles.