French bakery brand, Bridor, has launched a new Extravagants range offering generous portions and intense tempting flavours.

This range features three sensational, 100% pure butter Viennese pastries are 95g, a generous portion, with colourful and tempting toppings, and filled with an intensely flavoured centre.

The range includes: Muesli and Blueberry (95g), Raspberry Cheesecake Style (95g), and Triple Chocolate (95g).

These pastries are ready to bake from frozen, delivered proved and egg-washed. With a defrost time of 30 minutes and a baking time of 16-18 minutes, they offer a practical solution that guarantees freshness and flexibility all day long.

Erwan Inizan, sales director UK, said: “For 30 years, Bridor has been keeping pace with changing consumer trends. We all love to give into temptation every now and again and our love of ultra-indulgent products is having a significant impact on the ranges that we’re currently developing. The latest Extravagants range couldn’t be more aptly named. These are Viennese pastries that certainly won’t go unnoticed!”