An online training module which teaches store staff how to refuse sales and defuse confrontational situations has been developed by tobacco supplier JTI.

The Responsible Tobacco Retailing course, available to all retailers at, is designed to help staff understand the legislation surrounding underage tobacco sales. It describes a blueprint procedure for demanding ID and explains why recording refusals is important. A quiz at the end confirms that the user has absorbed the information.

Retailers have given their support to the initiative. Julian Taylor-Green, from Londis Lindford, said: “It’s vital that staff are knowledgeable about the issue of underage sales, and this course is a great tool for training staff and for refresher training of existing staff.”

Riaz Hussain, from Muirhouse Post Office, Edinburgh, added, “Staying legal is important for all tobacco retailers, I would encourage all shop assistants to use this course.” 

“The course has been created as part of JTI’s commitment to providing retailers with advice, support and leading practice in how to avoid underage sales of tobacco,” said JTI’s head of communications Jeremy Blackburn. “We have developed the module alongside retailers and hope that both retailers and their staff find this programme informative and useful.”

The course is launched as retailer Steve Denham attempts to gather support for an industry-wide training and certification programme for underage sales. Visit for details.