New research from shopper insights agency HIM shows that the planned top-up mission within the convenience channel is in decline, with a higher proportion of shoppers choosing Aldi and Lidl to satisfy their demands.

The findings, from HIM’s exclusive study into the High Street, launched today, were compiled from over 4,500 online shopper interviews. The report looks at how shopping behaviour on the high street has developed over time and benchmarks competitors across a range of criteria, including penetration, basket size, basket spend, and shopper missions.

In 2018, the volume of shoppers using Aldi and Lidl on a planned top up mission has reached 28%. In comparison, since 2008 the volume of shoppers visiting a convenience store on a planned top up mission has fallen from 28% to 21%.

Val Kirillovs, research & insights director at HIM, says: “The top up mission was once the cornerstone of the convenience channel, with small stores in convenient locations specifically designed to service the needs of the shopper in between their traditional weekly shops. However, the planned top up mission in the convenience channel is in decline.

“During this period Aldi and Lidl have begun to steal these top up shoppers away with wider ranges, cheaper prices, better quality fresh and an increase in store volumes in convenient locations. Convenience store retailers cannot afford to get caught napping and need to up their game, as the discounters look to grow further.”

For more information about the High Street study, contact HIM through its website.