Retailers are catching their breath following booming ticket sales in advance of Saturday’s record £66m Lotto draw.

The gargantuan jackpot, which was won by two ticket holders, was the biggest ever since the National Lottery began 21 years ago, and followed 14 roll-overs.

Ticket sales hit around 400 a second in the final hour before Saturday’s draw, Camelot said.

Anita Nye of Eldred Drive stores in Orpington, Kent, said Lotto sales had been more than double normal amounts. The surge also boosted general shop sales with many Lotto customers also purchasing extra items.

Paul Cheema, of Malcom’s in Elm Tree Avenue, Coventry, said the draw was a great opportunity for up-selling. “I was behind the counter serving customers on Saturday and the vibe was fantastic,” he said. “Footfall was almost double normal levels and some people were putting serious money on the draw,” he added.

The vast jackpot followed a relaunch of the game in October.

Camelot added 10 extra balls to the draws taking place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, taking the number from 49 to 59, a move designed to create bigger rolling jackpots.