Londis retailer Roli Ranger, in Ascot, Berkshire, says the Eat Real healthy crisps range is selling extremely well.

“At the moment, sales are up particularly for snacks and meats. Healthy eating is going extremely well. Our Eat Real Chips range is popular with customers. A lot of them have health conditions and the bags have less fat and salt than your regular crisps. Some are also gluten free which really helps.

“We stock the hummus chips, lentil chips and quinoa lines. All are proving really popular.”

Roli is also selling a lot of high quality Polish meat.

“We have also introduced a Polish range of meats. It has only been in store for a couple of weeks but the range is proving really popular. We hope to keep them in stock for as long as our customers demand.

“Most of the Polish meats we stock are from Sokolow and come in canned and fresh form. The majority of what we sell is fresh and customers are impressed by the quality and flavour.”

What’s hot: The fresh and chilled category is on the increase

What’s not: Tins as well as magazines and newspapers are not doing so good