Dedicated ‘gold’ end promotional bays at the front of Londis stores are helping retailers to rack up impressive sales.

More than 200 lines have been promoted in the last six months, with highlights including Diet Coke six-packs which were sold on a 2 for £4 deal, generating sales growth of more than 400%.

Londis sales director Paul Courtney said the gold end displays reinforced Londis’ value message for shoppers. “Findings from Eyetracker, the research agency, show that there’s a five second window of opportunity in which to engage customers as they walk through the door and entice them in. To drive sales in these tough times we need to think like a consumer and act like a retailer, and we know this promotional bay meets the needs of our retailers because we’ve developed the concept in partnership with them,” he said.

Londis Lindford retailer Julian Taylor Green said the tried and tested bays worked much better than promotions he had run in the past. “We did our own promotional bays before, but there was no uniformity and they were driven by our own opinions. Now they are driven by what the consumer wants and what the markets doing,” he said.

Currently situated at the front of more than 500 Londis stores, the bays carry the top five promotional deals featured on Londis’ consumer leaflet.