Joyce Wade rang from her shop in Ipswich to enquire whether others had complained about huge hikes in their annual insurance premium. This year the rise was more than double what she had been expecting and she had remained loyal to the same company for many years.

A bit of history here: Joyce has put 52 years in, in this tiny shop (some 16sq m). Her husband was murdered 15 years ago and the killers sent to prison. Shortly afterwards her store suffered an arson attack and the police were 90% certain it had been arranged ‘from inside’. Nice people.

A few years later a car went through her front window so that has been bricked up and only people who know how to get into the shop actually use it.

Back to the insurance question aside from all the catastrophes above, she hadn’t made a claim for more than five years.

I spoke to my trusted contact Ian Hughes, affinity development manager at Bluefin, and he offered some good advice: “The cheapest cover can be the best, or it can be the worst,” he says, “but you mustn’t buy on price alone.”