Bipin Patel, who runs Rupell Foodfare in South London's Wandsworth, has been banking with NatWest since 1988. He says: "For the past 10 years I've had an arrangement with the business manager that's called 'fast track banking'. I place deposits in hundreds in plastic bags. It costs 16p per hundred deposited. But for the past three years the charges have been 57p and I've been trying to get a refund."
He requested a meeting with the manager, but she is apparently too new to be of any help so the meeting hasn't happened.
NatWest has now asked Bipin to supply all his back statements to prove the overcharging and he has done this. The bank is now looking into the matter.
Bipin reckons he will give them a month to come good, or he's going elsewhere.
On the subject of elsewhere, can anyone recommend somewhere his custom will be welcome and the charges not too high?