Rakesh Sood, who runs Handersons in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, sent me a comment on my story in the last issue where Raj Patel was convinced by Cheque Exchange to take on Moneygram Money Transfer alongside Western Union. It didn’t prove popular - people preferred Western Union - so Cheque Exchange’s rep suggested he quit because of the low transaction levels. Raj then got a small claims demand for £1,000 + £70 in court fees for breach of contract.

Rakesh says: “As far as I know, if you are a Western Union agent then you are not allowed to sign up with Moneygram as well. I was told that there is a mutual understanding between the companies that they do not approach each other’s agents and also something to that effect in WU’s contract as well. I haven’t read my contract, though.”

I suspect he is right about the poaching on other’s territory - although I haven’ read the contract either. I wonder whether Cheque Exchange has.