In the 3 July issue I asked if anyone could recommend a relief retailer – and carried mention of Stephen Hitch (who goes by the name Mark Hitch) whom I stumbled across on the internet. I couldn’t get through on the phone and my deadline loomed so I didn’t leave a message, surmising that he was a busy bloke.

And I was right. I received two ringing endorsements of Mr Hitch. First up was Steve Atkinson who trades in Easingwold, near York. “He’s still going strong and he’s looked after my stores for 20 years. I would certainly recommend him.” His advice: “Book ahead.”

Then I got a call from Nick Naker, who runs Viksha News in North London’s Edmonton. “Mark is very, very good. He has good references and has good accountability. He is also very reasonable.”

Nick found Mark through a contact, but he reckons that such people are gems so people keep any names they have to themselves. He could be right because so far no one has come up with any new names.

So, again, here is Mark’s phone number: 01924 496379.