Sam Shah got quite a shock when his hygiene supplier (dustmat cleaner in plain language) raised its minimum charge from £4 to £10. It was also a shock insofar that the company didn't tell him an increase was on the horizon (the letter went astray) and he found out only when the monthly invoice arrived, demanding £50 rather than the usual £24, an increase of 110% net of VAT.
He faxed the company that he would like to quit the contract because he cannot recoup this cost and the company, Cannon Textile Care, acted in a decent way, saying it would terminate the contract at the end of that month rather than insisting on sticking to the three months' required notice.
Cannon also explained the price increases, saying that it had had exceptional costs forced upon it citing business rates, insurance, transport costs and, in particular, the minimum wage. I'm sure that will resound with you all.