I must put in a good word for Camelot (a service that most retailers have been keen to provide to customers: good product, decent commission). Regular readers will recall that, over the past few months, Camelot has refunded retailers who didn’t follow the ‘black bag’ policy of returning redundant scratchcards (through no fault of their own) after contacting me.

Pleased to report that the last of these, Mansukh Varu (Mini Store, Sutton, Surrey) was refunded £200 earlier this month.

He first contacted me in late April, so it did take a while. Anyway, two messages here. First message: if you do scratchcards, there has been a returns policy in place for about 
a year or so. Therefore, best to follow it (it wasn’t clearly communicated at first, but I guess it is by now).

The Varus were most thankful and complimentary. “We couldn’t have got there without you,” they said. Second message: it wasn’t really me. It was the position. Anyone doing my job could have got the same result. There is a hierarchy in place and it’s the same with most big companies. You, the retailer, has to call the call centre. I get to go over their heads, in most cases, to the press office which exists to generate favourable publicity for the company. They tend to sit up and take notice when the likes of me gets in touch. And they react most positively. My contact at Camelot is a very pleasant woman who responds quickly and always gets the ball rolling, even if it’s a long hill. And, like me, she’s just doing her job.