I had a call from Ratilal Sharma, who trades as Small Dole PO in West Sussex, complaining about Londis’ online ordering system in that he cannot send back any goods that are not to his liking. He said the latest example was 10 Berkeley cigarettes. He wanted pricemarked Sterling King Size and can’t sell Berkeley. He explained to me that the website does say when there are substitutes, but doesn’t show pictures and anyway sometimes he doesn’t notice.

He had a right go at the system.

I got in touch with the group and a Londis spokesperson replied: “We are sorry to hear about Mr and Mrs Sharma’s concerns. It appears that there was a degree of delayed communication on both sides regarding pick up of the unwanted substitute stock. If a retailer is unhappy with substitute goods and contacts our customer services department requesting a pick up, we are more than happy to process the collection note, following approval from the regional director.

“The unwanted goods have now been picked up and returned to our depot and further to a recent store visit, Mr and Mrs Sharma’s regional sales manager has been in touch to reiterate that they can contact him at any time.”

And it is very good news isn’t it that Booker will, hopefully, be taking Musgrave over? Should be a great fit.

I haven’t so far come across any Londis retailers who think otherwise.