In the last issue, Chris Blakey, who runs the Paper Shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire, wanted to update the forms for his large home delivery service. He wondered if a ready-made terms and conditions form was available anywhere.
Step forward Pam Hoffman - and really, I should have thought of her in the first place as she is the first lady of setting wrongs right in the newsagency world. Along with her staunch 'Federationist' husband Jim Hoffman, she runs a private debt recovery service designed for newsagents. She writes: "I already have a recommended order form which has been in use for some years. Both newspaper publishers and magazine publishers have endorsed this. The Daily Telegraph recommended it when they did their business seminars."
Her credit application form includes notice to cancel terms, deposits, interest charges and so on, and looks as if it does the business. Pam adds: "I would like to highlight that the courts are now insisting on full names and postcodes - a simple Mr Smith or Mr Jones will not do! Retailers should ensure that their records are brought up to date. If necessary ask to see a utility bill."
Next issue I will bring you some of Pam's extremely useful guidelines on debt recovery. Meanwhile, if you would like a form, email Pam on or ring 020 8310 6391 (9am-5pm). Just send her a stamped addressed envelope and she will post you
a copy.