Glyn Reece, who runs Penny's convenience store with his wife in Chester, keeps his eye on the wider world. In fact, he leads a double life as he is also known as The Moth, involved in a number of business ventures, a website and a very far-flung email network of which I am a member. So we all send him our jokes and stories, he edits them and sends them on. It's a great source for half a dozen 'you couldn't make it ups' a day and clips from papers he thinks will be of interest.

The other day he put his interest in newspapers and the wider world together and came up with this: "Due to a fire at a printing plant this morning, the daily titles The Times, Sun, Telegraph and Liverpool Post are running several hours late the Sun might not even arrive at all.

"As a newsagent, it makes me laugh to see people who, unable to get their daily Sun from their local store, drive to other shops (in at least one instance this morning a trip of 12 miles) to buy their precious newspaper."

He points out that the paper costs 25p and the fuel £1.20 a litre.

I must admit I struggle to understand such loyalty to the Sun. What's it got that radio, TV, etc hasn't other than page 3?