More on the Halifax/BoS counting saga (see story above). Some people ring me "as a last resort". Actually, it makes my heart sink when someone says "I've asked my solicitor/bank manager/insurance company/policewhat do you think?"

In other words, you've already been to the professionals and they were no help. When complaining it is always best to go to the top. The Queen could probably help out on most subjects (yes, pun!). Failing that, try your MP. Woolwich retailer Naresh Sandhir did exactly that when he and his daughter Anita had a meeting with Teresa Pearce, Labour MP for Erith & Thamesmead.

"She spent 45 minutes listening to us," he told me. "We gave her four other names of people who lost money in Halifax deposits and she said she would definitely take this on. She said she would pass this on to a troubleshooter in her office who specialises in such cases."

As Anita says: "The police should have investigated. How hard is it to establish who the driver was or who did the sorting?"

And what we all want to know is, why doesn't the Ombudsman put two and two together? Apparently, cases are looked at in isolation and get assigned to different case workers. The left frequently doesn't know what the right is doing.