Alison Doubleday from Mossley in Lancashire is one of those retailers stuck with a Lanwall photocopier. She wrote to Pam Hoffman (who has fought tirelessly through the courts on behalf of retailers caught in expensive contracts with Lanwall, and who has forwarded it to me for wider circulation): "If you still have contacts who need help then I wondered if you could pass this on to them all. Our copier wouldn't work properly and the company recommended by the NFRN wanted a maintenance contract that was very overpriced, so we found a company called W A Hutton, 37 School Lane, Heaton Chappel, Stockport, tel: 0845 226 9797.

"They came and mended my machine the day after I rang. They charge £49 plus vat to come out, and that also pays for an hour of their time. Obviously, if it needs parts then they tell you and you take it from there. They were so nice that when I explained about Lanwall, they came out to me on the understanding that if they couldn't mend my machine within that hour, they wouldn't charge me any thing at all. This was because the man in charge said he wanted to help because of the Lanwall situation."

The same company rang her later to tell her that Mark Waller (previously in charge of Lanwall) had set up a new photocopy company, Beresford Copier Supplies Ltd.

Further investigation at Companies House revealed a Beresford Copier Supplies Ltd at 121 Albert St, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 3SR, with a certain Mark Leonard Waller as director.