Here is a not-very-satisfactory update on a case I reported in September 2008. Several South London retailers lost thousands in their local Halifax branch. I know of three retailers who lost £14K altogether through deposits to cover PayPoint, Lottery, bus passes and so on.

At the time I featured Naresh Sandhir in Woolwich, who lost £8K in a week even though he had followed procedure and deposited the money into the bank's safe using the key provided.

Nimish Patel, in nearby Greenwich, lost £3K deposited to cover Payzone and Lottery at the same branch and about the same time. A third retailer, Rajendra Patel in nearby Brockley, lost £3K (three deposits of exactly £1K) in the Lewisham branch of Halifax.

They believe it had to be an inside job. At the time so did the police, affirming to them that they also had six other cases.

They went to the Financial Ombudsman who decided that Bank of Scotland (Halifax) should conduct its own enquiry. Goodness, one wonders why they found nothing wrong?

Now the police have decided they can take matters no further and it must be civil action. Naresh and Nimish have banded together to consult a solicitor, but why should they have to? Two years on they are still trying to get their money back. Guilty people don't behave like that. They are clearly the victims of fraud and the police won't tell them who the other six are.

So, are you one of them? If so, please get in touch.

This reeks of an upper-level cover-up of an internal crime. Please banks, don't tell me this is not possible. I read a huge report in The Times recently recounting the Santander stitch-up of a woman who had had £10K filched from her business account (PIN never divulged to anyone, card lived in her safe and she was out of the country when the ATM withdrawals occurred). Santander accused her boyfriend, but it turned out to be a Santander employee (discovered following a police investigation). They had to give her money back, but she never received an apology.