This was certainly a first for me. I received an email from someone with an address that didn’t give me a clue as to their gender. They said: “I am writing as I want to make people aware of a shop that is discriminating against those who are medically exempt from wearing a mask.”

(S)he added that following their Covid 19 vaccination they felt a little dizzy and needed a drink so they went into a sub post office in the village only to be told they couldn’t enter the shop without a mask.

“I pointed out to staff that I was exempt due to a disability and was wearing an exemption card on a lanyard, they were very apologetic but their boss had said that if you have no mask you can’t go in,” wrote my emailer.

“I have been looking online to find the company address to write to them about this and came across a Facebook page, link below, for the shop with a few customers who have been told the same. I feel people need to be made aware of this shop and their discrimination! I was made to feel like an idiot and that I was some sort of social pariah!

“As I said the staff were very apologetic and nice about it and explained it was their boss had said if there’s no mask they can’t come in.

“If I could wear a mask I would, the last thing I want is to be putting others or myself at risk. Being penalised for having a disability is a stigma I thought this country had moved on from but quite clearly not as this is more than likely not the only shop to refuse service to people who are exempt!

“I was lucky that I only needed a drink, as there are other shops in the area. What if it was someone who was needing the specialist service of the post office, what would they do then?”

It is a tricky situation though isn’t? As someone on the Facebook page that is mentioned above commented lots of lads claim to be exempt and you can buy exemption lanyards on the internet.

I did reply to the email along with my job description and asked why they had chosen to get in touch with me but there was no response and I can only guess that they were guided to me through some aberration of a search engine. Then again…I suppose it was perceived as a ‘retail problem’ by whoever wrote the complaint.