Nearly £800-worth missing is a lot of money

Nikhil Patel, who trades as Desborough News in Walthamstow in London’s East End, rang up to say that he saves up his newspaper vouchers and then sends them in with any returns, in this case five copies of The Sun and seven of the Sunday Times plus two months’ worth of vouchers worth £793.10p.

News UK has told him that they didn’t receive anything back.

Nikhil, who clearly isn’t making any of this up, has proof on CCTV inside the store but he cannot get the footage off it. The bloke who can is in Sri Lanka and not due back till mid-June.

He tried an engineering company which quoted him £200 whereas his mate will do it for nothing.

I set Linda Windsor of the Press Distribution Forum on the case and she is going to see if News UK will accept belated evidence (as there is a time limit on credit claims).

UPDATE: A News UK spokesman confirmed to CStore (9 June, 2020) that the compeny will be honouring the claim, and Nikhil has been informed.