Cider: keeping sales close to home

It may be like no summer we’ve had before, but when the sun shines cider drinkers will still want to relax with their favourite tipple, and many will make a bee-line for c-stores to find it.


Soft drinks: Keeping them sweet

Low- and no-sugar lines are making steady progress in convenience, but shoppers are still looking for choice when it comes to soft drinks.

MAIN IMAGE tobacco gantry

Tobacco and vaping: When one door closes…

The end may be near for sales of menthol cigarettes, but there is a  stream of new profit opportunities for retailers opening in their wake.


Bread and bakery: Shopper wants and kneads

C-stores are making sure they keep their bread and bakery customers happy with a range that focuses on both local and value lines


Cash-conscious shopping: The value in modern values

Promotions drive sales, but there are other ways to win over shoppers as quality, social responsibility and sustainability come into play.

MAIN PIC_Chocolate pound multibuy

Get quids in with chocolate

Multibuys and round pound price points are ensuring chocolate consumers get value for money across a multitude of pack formats


Household and paper products: Get sales sparkling

Retailers reckon that strong pricing, key brands and sustainable options are the answer to success in household cleaning and paper products


Cakes & biscuits: A bitter sweet symphony

Today’s shoppers want to have their cake and eat it as they demand healthier treats as well as indulgent luxuries in cakes & biscuits.


Vaping and heated tobacco: A fresh chance to profit

At the start of 2020, the UK’s vaping and tobacco alternatives category is readying itself for a year of fresh new opportunity and prosperity.

New Year, New You

New year, new you: Beef up your vegan sales

An influx of vegetarian and animal-free lines entering the market means convenience retailers can meet demand for this phenomenal trend.

Spring & Easter Confectionery 2019

Spring & Easter confectionery: A well-eggsecuted plan

Your store is most likely filled with festive fodder right now, but with Creme Egg season fast approaching, it’s time to get organised.

Santa Cola GettyImages-499027032

Christmas soft drinks: Santa’s gift to c-stores

Retailers have the opportunity to sleigh soft drinks sales over the festive season as shoppers splash out more and buy bigger packs.

Get Snacking

Cracking snacking sales

The UK is a nation of snack lovers, but today’s shoppers are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to hunting for hunger fillers.

Christmas Alcohol 2019

Christmas alcohol: Playing the long game

With the right strategy you can encourage early seasonal sales and become a destination store for premium alcohol this Christmas.

Christmas Confectionery 2019

Christmas confectionery: Your golden opportunity

A host of festive npd and plenty of gold-star premium lines can make the Christmas confectionery category a gift for canny retailers.

Vaping Display Health Info

Vaping & tobacco: Read the smoke signals

UK vape sales are continuing to soar at the expense of smoking, but the tobacco category, including cigars, still offers key opportunities to profit.

Christmas Table_GettyImages-89291699

Christmas special: The ultimate get-together

Christmas is the season for splashing out on festive goodies. Here’s how c-store retailers can ensure that they get in on the yuletide spend.

Post office_Lottery_MyHermes

In-store services: So much more than just a store

Offering a strong range of services not only drives footfall, but can actually impact on how customers view your store’s role in the community.

Big Night In_Main Pic

Big night in: Going for the home run

The Big Night In is as big as ever, creating demand for snacks to share, easy eats and a tipple or two. Here’s how to tempt the staying-in crowd.

Hot Bevs

Picking the perfect blend

With coffee chasing tea for sales, and healthier options joining the line-up, the hot beverages category is overflowing with choice.

OTC Meds

OTC meds: Go on, treat yourself

With consumers being advised not to go to the doctor for cold and flu treatment, many are opting to self-medicate with pills and potions purchased from their local c-store.

This Is Halloween

Halloween: Ready to reach your ghouls

As consumers don witches’ hats, vampire fangs, and monster masks, retailers who target Halloween will have plenty to celebrate.



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