PayPoint has promised to do better to support its retailer partners, following feedback about the working relationship.

In a letter to PayPoint retailers, CEO Nick Wiles praised the sector and highlighted how the relationship could be stronger.

“Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we at PayPoint have seen the great work and dedication demonstrated by all our retailer partners in providing essential services and supporting communities across the UK. It has underlined to me the importance of getting our proposition, support and service right for you so that you can continue playing a critical role for your customers. Communities have again recognised the importance of being able to shop locally and it is vital that we all play our part in building on this renewed recognition of the value of convenience retailing.

“After listening to our retailer partners extensively over the past year, it is also clear to me that PayPoint’s relationship with its retailer partners has not been good enough and, too often, we have fallen short of what you should expect of us. We have not always been on your side and there are a number of specific issues which we need to work with you on that have affected your businesses, including reduced commission, banking charges, escalating costs, customer support and how we have sometimes responded to you. We don’t pretend to have handled everything well and it’s clear that we must work harder to improve and rebuild relationships with all of you.

I can’t change the past, but we can change the future and how we work together to evolve our proposition and strengthen the service and products we offer to benefit your business.”

Wiles outlined three areas that PayPoint was focusing on:

  • Future proposition

  • Improving service to retailers

  • Listening and understanding retailers’ business better

As part of this future proposition, Wiles explained the new additions that will be offered to the PayPoint proposition including: new eMoney brands; link counter service; home delivery; parcel expansion and FMCG vouchers/rewards.

Wiles detailed key improvements and investments that have been made in the past year to enhance PayPoint’s service to retailers. The measures included a new retailer service hub, retailer portal, continual satisfaction surveys and a greater commitment from the field team.

Wiles added: “We are fully committed to engaging with you all more regularly to update on progress and gather continuous feedback on areas for improvement. I will be personally meeting on a quarterly basis with the leadership teams of the NFRN, ACS and SGF to listen to any concerns and update on the exciting opportunities for us to partner with you. We will be continuing to hold our PayPoint Retailer Forum two to three times a year and will shortly be inviting new representatives to attend and I will personally monitor individual complaints into our business, to understand specific concerns raised and ensure these are appropriately and sensitively addressed.”