Postmasters who experienced shortfalls related to Post Office computer system Horizon have a month left to apply to the claims scheme.

Post Office

The Historical Shortfall Scheme was launched on 1 May and is part of the agreed settlement last year of group litigation between Post Office and 555 current and former postmasters in December 2019 following nearly 20 years of campaigning

The closing date for applications is 14 August 2020 and there have been 715 applications so far.

Full information for potential applicants, including the eligibility criteria and application form, is available at or by emailing to ask for the information.

All claims will be assessed by an independent advisory panel of specialists from the fields of law, forensic accounting and retail. The panel includes Alex Charlton QC, a leading barrister with particular expertise in software and IT systems; Susan Blower, a forensic accounting partner at BDO and fellow of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales; and retail expert Sunder Sandher, a member of the Independent Retailer Board of the Association of Convenience Stores.

Applicants have been advised to use email to minimise any potential delays with responding to queries and processing their application. If they do not have any access to an email address, in those circumstances they can apply by post to Post Office Historical Shortfall Scheme, PO Box 76882, London E1W 9RR. Applicants will need to use Royal Mail as PO Box addresses can only accept post from Royal Mail and not from other carriers or couriers.