Yakult, the Japanese fermented milk drink, is laucnhing a new ad campaign entitled ’A Little Bottle of Science (not Magic)’.

The magical art of making Yakult takes place on a floating island paradise, where a red-dressed heroine performs numerous rituals, from the ‘ancient shuffle’ to the ‘mystical hand swirl’, to awaken the spirits of the beautiful gut. Before reaching full momentum, the mystical tale is interrupted and the revelation is delivered: Yakult is developed by Japanese scientists, with unique bacteria proven to reach the gut alive!

The 360° campaign will include TV, Print, Social, Outdoor and Radio. 

The distinctive ‘epic’ feel of the creative has allowed for better cut through and enabled Yakult to extend their Japanese heritage and scientific credentials by making science relevant, engaging and fun. The new campaign will help further build upon Yakult’s science-based offering, boosting confidence in the minds of consumers.

Reshma Patel, Marketing Manager at Yakult UK, said: “Our strategy is to raise awareness of Yakult’s science positioning, heritage and product qualities which are unique to the brand. We aim to encourage new consumers to join loyal Yakult drinkers and continue to grow the business by strengthening our distinctive brand personality within the category. The campaign created by Quiet Storm not only delivers on message, but does this in an engaging and entertaining way which will help encourage consumers to find out more about the product and reaffirm that Yakult is about science, not magic.”