Harry Goraya, of Rosherville Post Office, in Gravesend, Kent, says a local farmer has helped him to boost his fresh produce sales with very simple tips such as polishing apples.

“He came in and offered to tidy up our range a bit and I was happy to let him have a go,” explains Harry.

“He came in and made it look more refreshed. He noticed that we don’t polish our apples and told us we don’t need to spend hours doing it but that we should polish them if possible. He showed us how we can quickly polish them with a cloth to make them look much more enticing. He did the first lot for us and we saw sales go up immediately and we had to order in another crate much quicker than usual.

”It’s often these minor things that can have a real impact but we don’t think about them.”

Successful NPD:

Harry says the new Salted Caramel Fudge Kitkat Chunky bar is a fantastic seller.

”We’ve got this great Nestle rep who brought us an FSDU to put next to the tills and it’s really impactful and has led to a lot of impulse buys.

“I know they must be tasty because one member of staff tried one and then immediately bought two more - I think they actually ate three in one day!”