Gareth Hooton, owner of Hooton’s Best-One, in Golborne, Warrington, says his food-to-go offering, with home-made cakes, is keeping his till ringing.

”Food-to-go is the main thing for us,” he explains, ”It drives sales of the full range of products in the store. Customers come in to buy a sandwich and they will pick up some crisps and a drink and anything else they need while they’re there.

”Within this offering we’ve just started selling a lot of home-made desserts.

“My wife makes them in our kitchen. She make different flavoured cheesecakes and brownies. Some are in portion size pots and others are in slices.

“We advertise these on our Facebook page. I think she said she sold 20 yesterday and they weren’t meant to go on sale till today! People come in and ask for them and buy two or three at a time.

“A lot of people have been commenting on our Facebook page saying they are amazing.”

Successful NPD:

”One product that comes to mind when I try to think of successful NPD is the new Hop House 13 beer. I’ve tried it myself and it is quite good. I’ve also noticed that people are choosing to buy the big bottles more often now. Whereas in the past they might have picked up a pack of four cans, they now go for two big bottles.”

Guinness’ Hop House 13 lager is available in four formats – the 330 ml bottle, 4 x330 ml, 12 x 330ml and 650ml sharing bottles. 

Diageo launched its extended range to match consumer demand within the World Beer Category, where 12 packs, 4 packs, 650 ml and 330 ml formats make up over 45% of total Category sales (Nielsen Scantrack to 23.04.16). The formats enable retailers to further improve profits from this growing segment, currently responsible for 80% of the growth in total beer (Nielsen Scantrack to 23.04.16).

What’s hot: ”We do very well with pet food. Bestway’s promotions encourage shoppers to buy big packs.”

What’s not: “Household is generally the only category that is a bit slower.”