Walkers non-hfss ranges (1)

Walkers is to revamp three of its ranges – Walkers Baked, Doritos Dippers and PopWorks – to become non-HFSS.

Part of the brand’s ambition for half of its snack sales to come from non-HFSS alternatives or from products sold in portions of 100 calories or less, by 2025, the changes are part of a £35m investment over the next three years, which sees experts at Walkers global R&D centre in Leicester innovating to reduce saturated fat and salt content without impacting flavour and taste.

PopWorks contain 40%-60% less fat than regular potato crisps, and are under 100 calories per 17g serving. They are available in Sweet & Salty, Sweet Chipotle Chilli, and Sour Cream & Onion flavours and all three flavours are non-HFSS. These SKUs come in sharing formats - and Sweet & Salty and Sweet Chipotle Chilli also come in single pack formats, making them suitable for any snacking occasion. The Sweet and Salty flavour is also vegan.

The Walkers Baked range has been transformed and now offers customers 100% non-HFSS, healthier savoury snack options. Cheese & Onion, Sea Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and new Cheese & Jalapeno flavours are available in grab bags and multipack formats - and the packaging has a new look and feel to showcase the health claims the range now offers.

Finally, Doritos Dippers has updated its range to include three non-HFSS flavours: Hint of Salt, Hint of Smoked Paprika, and Hint of Sour Cream, and are available in 270g packs.

Fiona Tomlin, chief marketing officer at PepsiCo said: “We have taken some of our best-loved brands - PopWorks, Doritos Dippers and Walkers Baked – and transformed them to offer customers a wider selection of flavourful non-HFSS snacks. This is an important milestone in our long-term commitment to provide smart snacking choices, without compromising on taste.

“We’re dedicated to bringing more choice to millions of UK consumers by offering a wide range of non-HFSS options. I am confident that consumers will enjoy these exciting products as much as their old favourites.”