This festive season, Italian bakery Arden & Amici is launching two new premium panettone flavours for its range of Italian baked goods, all wrapped up in new celebratory packaging.

New to the market and available to retailers from October, Arden & Amici’s Gluten Free Mini Panettone has been developed in response to ongoing consumer demand for gluten free alternatives, particularly during the festive season. Bursting with sultanas, citrus and candied fruit, the product is sold in convenient 100g packs (rrp 2.50).

Also new to the Arden & Amici range is the Tipsy Tiramisu Low Bake Panettonewhich combines a traditional panettone with the authentic Italian flavours of tiramisu to offer a truly indulgent taste. Available in a generous sharing size of 750g, the product is designed for the festive table and ideal for family-sized sharing. (rrp £10.00)

To accompany the new products, the brand’s existing festive range will feature new seasonal packaging, combining the sparkle of Christmas lights with rich, festive colours to create stand-out on shelf.

Lesley Robertson, brand development controller at Arden Fine Foods, said: “Arden & Amici is built on our lasting friendships with generations of local Italian bakers, our wonderful Amici, who have generously shared their traditional methods and quality ingredients. Provenance is very important to consumers looking for an authentic Italian experience at home and we are proud to share the devotion Italians have to their food, friends and family with our customers.”