Britvic and PepsiCo UK have relaunched all six SoBe V Water variants with naturally-sourced Stevia extract to meet the growing demand for low-calorie refreshment.

The move brings the sugar content of the range from 20g to zero and the calorie count from 85 to just 10 or less per bottle.

Amanda Thomson, marketing director PepsiCo UK, said: “SoBe V Water with purified Stevia extract has been a great hit in the US and we’re excited to launch a version for the UK market and deliver a wider choice in healthier drinks for UK consumers.

“Stevia delivers a great naturally sweet taste without the calories of sugar – our research found that purchase, taste and overall appeal of the drink are just as high with Stevia extract included instead of sugar*.

The Stevia innovation drove volume by 73% when it was launched in the US, she added.

RRP: £1.19/£1.29

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