Empire Bespoke Foods has announced the UK launch of Pierre Biscuiterie, a range of authentic French butter biscuits.

With biscuits found in 99% of UK households cupboards (more than any other snacking category) and purchased more frequently (44 times a year on average), shoppers are always looking for something new to treat themselves with, according to the brand.

In the French countryside of Normandy, artisanal bakers have been baking cookies since the 19th century. Since 1964, Pierre Biscuiterie, a family owned-business, has been continuing this legacy of simplicity, naturalness and pleasure.

The Pure Butter Cookies made with butter (19% to 27%) and fresh cream to make them crunchy and melty at the same time. The three flavours are aligned with market trends: Butter, Coconut and Sea Salt Caramel. Chocolate lovers won’t be left behind, as the Pierre Biscuiterie range includes two butter cookies coated in Milk or Dark chocolate. Shoppers can also choose the Butter biscuits in a branded tin.

The full range offers great on-shelf impact with its fun personality and aligns beautifully with the UK’s fondness for sweet snacking occasions, foodie gifting and smaller household trends. The Butter, Coconut and Seas Salt Caramel boxes of biscuits contains 4 individually wrapped packs.

All Pierre Biscuiterie cookies are 100% natural, made with no preservatives or artificial colours. The full range and prices includes: chocolate coated biscuits, RRP £3.30; pure butter cookie, RRP £1.95; sea salt caramel and coconut, RRP £2.70; gifting tin, RRP £7.48.