London-based Gunna Drinks Ltd has launched a new range of low sugar craft soft drinks, called Gunna.

With less than 5% sugar, Gunna is looking to capitalise on the demand for low sugar drinks ahead of the sugar tax in April. The new range is targeted at millennials, who are looking for less-traditional soft drinks.

The Gunna range is available in four flavours; Original (sparkling water, natural gingers and aromatic flavours), Steelworks (sparking water, natural gingers and cola tonic), Pink Punk (a mix of sparkling water, natural raspberry and lemon) and Muscovite (sparkling water with natural lemon and mint). All four flavours are sold in 330ml cans and 500ml glass bottles.

Melvin Jay, CEO and founder of Gunna Drinks Ltd, said: “Younger consumers feel that soft drinks lack real character both in terms of taste profile and personality, so we wanted to bring some true character back to carbonates and make it a sector that gets consumers excited.

‘We know there’s a real opportunity to capitalize on the demand for healthier, more authentic soft drinks, but people need to have a clear reason to pay the extra money. At Gunna, we have a very focused brand proposition and we’re looking to bring back true character and style. Low on sugar doesn’t have to mean low on taste and stand-out flavours are at the core of what we do.”

The new Gunna range is available now (rrp £0.99).