A new healthy chilli sauce range from a family in the Congo, has been introduced to the UK.

Neema sauces (rrp £5 per 106g) are low sugar, gluten free, high in fibre and have been created from recipes handed down for generations. 

Neema Food Ltd was founded in September 2015 by Rose Yombo-Djema, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, after discovering a gap in the market for healthy premium quality African products. The company aims to produce a wide range of authentic and premium African products and become the leading brand for premium African food in the UK.

The name Neema the Swahili word for Grace.

The range includes; African Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce, hot and spicy; African Scotch Bonnet with Ginger Chilli Sauce, hot and spicy with a ginger twist and African Green Bullet Chilli Sauce, medium spice to compliment vegetable dishes.

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